Types of Hotel Suites

There are four types of hotel suites. One by one we will explain each one

hotel suites

Junior Suite

junior suite is perfect for travelers who like the feel of luxury hotel suites. If you have never booked a hotel suite before, maybe you should start with a junior suite.

Deluxe Suite

There are some deluxe suites with two or three bedrooms. Some of these suites have balconies. It offers separated living area, sleeping area, and meet all of the luxury suite requirements.

Executive Suite

The executive suites combine a fully-serviced office, meeting room, and luxurious hotel room, making them ideal for businessmen, women, and top managers.

Terrace Suite

The terrace suite is the most popular and beloved suite type. Why? Because it offers a large outdoor terrace with garden furniture and a spacious interior with luxury amenities.

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Invest in Hotel Suites due to following reasons

Size difference

Regarding luxurious suites and hotel rooms, the size difference is one of the most noticeable differences. Even though hotel rooms and suites are generally the same sizes, it is clear that suites provide larger rooms than hotel rooms between countries. Moreover, the size difference can be seen in the details as well.

The difference in equipment

It is common to find in a luxurious hotel suite dining tables, chairs, and coaches (garden furniture), as well as high-quality artworks (paintings, sculptures, paintings).

The difference in services

Luxury rooms and hotel suites are differentiated primarily by the level of service provided. Hotel suites almost always provide more amenities than luxurious rooms. 

When you reserve a luxury hotel suite, you can expect the following:

  • Limousines or chauffeur-driven luxury cars (usually airport shuttles)
  • (If the hotel has a wellness or spa bar, you will have complimentary access to it)
  • Services of a butler
  • Fresh flowers
  • An extended minibar is available
  • Gifts and amenities designed specifically for arrival
  • Evening turndown service
  • Designer toiletry products

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